Error when running 3.70 on terminal server

I get an error message “No signature was present in the subject” when I start a Navision client (3.70) on a terminal server. After I click OK the main menu opens and everything is OK. So this is not a huge issue, just a bit annoying. Has anyone else seen this message?

Did you install the client via Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs? The TS must be in install mode for the correct installation of the Navision client.

I did my first install of Navision on Citrix in 1996 (Financials 1.1 on 3.51 NT Citrix), and it was pretty much a bitch of a job. Since then it slowly gets better. But really with Microsoft now basically taking over terminal server and owning Navision, these issues have had enough time to have been fixed. Admitadly having TS in install mode is a pretty basic requirement, but still there are still too many complications involved here.

If I remember correctly I installed the client using some .bat file found on some Microsoft webpage. The problem did not occur in the beginning, it started occuring after a couple of months. Well, a fresh install would probably fix the problem. So I’ll try that when I get the time… [8D]