Error when posting production order

Hi; when i try to post the production order on the release production order, i got error message, it says that; posting date is not with in your range of allowed posting date in item journal line .

But the date set up on the General ledger set up and user set up is correct; i don’t know what is missed, pls give me a clue

Sounds like you have adjust costs activated to always, when this is set there are occasions when the batch posts entries back in time and therefore needs to post outside of the posting date restrictions set.

HI Dinkayehu Sisay your name suggests you are from Ethiopia, i am also from Ethiopia,contact me at we might need each other and share experience and resources related NAV.As Andrew suggested it happens when you activate automatic cost posting, somehow it needs to adjust costs outside of the current opened posting date and the solution i used for it for several times was just to open the previous posting period and let the system post whatever it needed to post related to the average costing posting .


Check the General Ledger Setup And User Setup, in both have a fields :

Allow Posting From and Allow Posting To While posting you have to check your Posting date should be between.