Error when posting product receipt in Axapta 2012 R2

Dear all, I try to post the product receipt in purchasing, and find the error message : “The transactions on voucher do not balance as per 2/21/2013. (accounting currency: 15,000,000.00 - reporting currency: 15,000,000.00)” Any one can help me ? For your information I use Axapta 2012 R2. Thanks in advance Regards Rudy

Hi Rudy,

I hope this error is coming with one of parameter. Check once General Ledger Parameters in the ledger area if ’ Use Posting definition’ is selected system will through this error. Solution for this error 2 ways. 1 is remove the ‘use posting definition’ tick mark, 2 one is need to define the posting definitions in General Ledger–>Setup–>Posting–>Posting definitions.



This will be some error might be not proper posting…use some guidance…

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Did this error get resolved?? As I am getting same error too.

Please help.

HEllo Rajesh,

I tried your solution but no luck. Still getting the same error.

Please help.




Try input purchase accrual account in item group.




Thanks Rudy,

It worked…

You are a star life saver…