Error when delete row from location table


Navision allowed me to create a new location with Code that has length more than 10 chars (Code field type : Code20), after that i decided to delete this record and i get this error : A value in the filter ‘DEC-CONTANT’ in the location code field in the Warehouse Activity Line Table in too long for the field type.

Type : Code10.

How can i fix this problem please without changing the length in other table ?


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Did you increase Location Code length from 10 to 20?


Never increase the length of any field in navision. You will get these kind of errors…please roll back your changes…

Mohana is right about the consequences of changing the field length of such a common field as Location Code. If you change the length in the Location table, you’ll also have to change the length in every other table that includes a field that’s related to the Location Code field. I wouldn’t say that you should never do it, but you should certainly be thorough when you do.

To recover from the current issue, you’ll want to delete the problem Location record without firing the cascading update process. Since that process runs in the client executable and not in NAV code, you’ll probably need to make that edit from SQL Server.

Once you’ve made the edit, remember to either put the Location Code field length back to 10, or modify all of the others to match the current length. It’s the only way you’ll avoid this issue.

Good Luck.

Kindly read this blog

Thanks Geroge&Amol,

I really got a big a problem when i tried to increase the lengths of Location code happy news*>>>(You change it in every field related to this Code Units, Tables, Forms …[:|]).

Delete the problem Location record This What i just did to solve this!