Error supported version of Visual Studio not installed.

I have installed Nav 2013 on Win 8, and I am not able to open layout of report designer.

Error Invalid License, I have installed VS 2012 Web, Shell(Isloated & Additional) but still error.

I have uninstalled VS Shell 2010 from the PC and now error supported version of VS not installed.

I have also installed VS Shell 2010 but still same error,

An error occurred when opening Report Designer. A supported version of Visual Studio could not be found.

Hi Manish,

Well the answer is that you don’t have the supported version of Visual Studio installed!

If you check the NAV 2013 system requirements then you will see the following:

“Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 SP1 Professional, Premium, or Ultimate and Microsoft Report Viewer 2010 SP1 are required for designing reports in the development environment.”

Hi Erik,

The version of Visual Studio mentioned needs to be purchased or are free or Visual Studio 2010 Express will also do.

Yes you need a purchased version.