Error quantity in work order

Hi ,

In AX2012, work order, there is an option to enter defective item qty in “Error Qty”. So that good qty will come into stock and defective qty will not come into stock.

My question is that 1) where this error qty will sit 2) how to send back to supplier 3) how to dispose financially in case of scrap…

pls explain …

  1. Where is is recorded, there is no inventory transaction related to it.

  2. Works orders are for in-house making, what are you sending back and why?

  3. This depends, are you recording scrap? Is the error not enough? Book it in as “good” and then write it off.

I will explain with an example…Suppose a work order consists 2 no raw casting for machining in-house. During machining, 1 no found bad qty & to be scrap/dispose ( reason may be raw casting blow holes, old drawing, work man error, more dia, poor workmanship, …) & 1 no is good qty. So, I cannot close work order with 2no good qty. So I hv to close work order with 1 no good qty and 1 no is error qty…I tried so. But my question is after closing work order with 1 no bad & good qty, where this bad qty will sit in inventory ? how to track date-to-year ? Hope u understood little better…

If you want it to sit in inventory you have to book it in, as a good quantity, and then process it out through a quality or quarantine process to enable you to report upon it.