Error on picking list journal lines

I am a problem when making picking slip journal line, it shows me this error:

“Quantity 153.70 cannot be updated with inventory reference Prod. picking list journal because inventory transactions with status On order, Reserved ordered, Reserved physical or Picked are insufficient”

although there are available quantity in the inventory for the chosen item, as shown in the below screens?

Kindly advise

Thanks in advance

Hello Mohammad,

please check ur site and warehouse is it the same from where you are making this order.

if yes then have you define decimal in unit measurement.

Skype ID:- hacker_ng

Yes they are the same, and yes i defined decimal in unit measurement

If i wrote just 1 instead of 153.70 it raises the same error for the 1

Can we have remote session to understand this better and can solve this issue.

Skype ID:- hacker_ng

Can we have to remote session may b we can solve the issue.

thanks & regards