Error on import of upgrade obejcts

HI all

I am trying to upgrade a solution from 2009R2 to 2013R2.

I am failing already in the first step of the official guide, when importing the data conversion objects in the 2009R2-database.

I get an error saying:

The backup cannot be used with this version of the program.

This happens when I try to import the Upgrade700701.DK.1.fob file from the upgrade toolkit.

From Googling it seems to have some connection with fob-files in folders etc.

Does anyone know how to get around this?

I have tried to delete fob-files from variuos locations, but without any luck.

I am using 2009R2 build 36827

My server has both 2009R2 and 2013R2 installed,

I guess maybe the object file is for different build and you are using different build .Kindly check.