Error: not having permission to modify records


I need some help.

I would like to post journal lines in Job Journal. If I choose Item in the Type field, I got the next error message, after trying to post the lines:

You do not have permission to modify records in the Value Entry table.

I have Business Ready Licensing AM package. Which item should I have in order to do this modification?

Thanks a lot, Frida

You need to set your permissions under Tools → Security. You’ll have to find a super user for the system (or someone who already has the correct permissions along with the ability to assign them to other users) to do this since you cannot give yourself permissions you don’t already have.

It has nothing to do with your license. Search the forums for security and you’ll find a ton of information.

I am a super user for the system.

I thought that it is connected to licence because I get the error message when I use the above mentioned licence,

but when I load up another licence (developing) I can post the journal lines without error message.

Hi Frida,

this is correct, you cannot change certain table data with customer’s license. eg. Sales invoice header …


Hello Gabor,

Do you have any idea which item sould my customer purchase to do this modification?

Or is it possible that it is not included in any of the items? Do you mean it cannot be changed with any kind of customer’s licence?


I am not 100% on this , but I expect that this is intentional , and cannot be changed (customer shouldn’t be messing with some key tables) .

You want to check with your Microsoft Partner manager for certanty or here some can say pro or contra.


hi frida,

i have also encountered same error. how did you resolve this? is this related to license? which part should should we purchase?



Hello John,

Yes, it seems to be sure that the problem is related to license. Now I am waiting for the response from my Microsoft Partner manager which part I should purchase, but I haven’t received the answer yet.


hi Frida,

Thank you for the response. In case you will already know which part to purchase, please post the answer here for us to know.


This is a code bug. The answer can be found in article 976232 on the Knowledgebase in Partnersource. It’s easy to apply.