Error-Microsoft Dynamics Ax client has stopped working.

Hi Everyone,
I want to import USER layer customization into VAR layer hence I’m trying to change layer from USER to VAR on server

Once I clicked on Tool–> Option
system throw an error “Microsoft Dynamics Ax client has stopped working.”
and it stop the working.

Where one client which is connected to server , he is able to click on that option. And it’s working fine.

Please let me know if someone know the same.
your help is appreciated.



If it happens with one and not with the other may be a network problem not sure about it.

How can you import the changes from USR layer to VAR by using Tools options?

For exporting the objects from USR to VAR

you need to export the objects from USR layer and open the application with VAR (which you do by selecting the layer in client configuration) and import the objects into VAR layer. Now the objects will be both layers USR and VAR. now open the USR layer and delete all the objects then objects will be deleted from top most layer that is USR layer.

Hope you understood.

Hai Kranthi,

i need to Know the same thing, i did the same thing,what u said.But i got one Dailoge box .am attaching the below 4643.Var.jpg

Could u plz tell me What code we will Enter ?

Thanks & Regards


Really i was expecting your reply.

Thanks for correct my understanding.

its my first time to convert user layer changes into var .

i have already exported user layer changes with a project .

as you suggested select the VAR layer from client configuration, but when i go into client configuration its showing disable the “Application object layer to open.” option.

Please suggest what can i do for this.



You cannot edit the original installed configuration. You need to create a new configuration.

Click Manage and create configuration and give name and select original configuration(in copy configuration from) and ok.

now it will be enabled.

Hope you understood…

I think you are trying to open the application in another layer.

The above message will come when you are trying to open the application in lower layers like var,bus etc - with out entering Developer License code in the configuration utility. you need to enter the developer license code which you will get along with license file.

Hope you understood…

New client configuration file is created , now its activated

but when i open Ax its asking for some access code.

is there need to enter any access code? or just click on Apply.

can i import now that xpo which i exported in user layer.



Am using Microsoft AX 2009 Vpc,which is from Partner source downloads.

In this Vpc i want to change the Layer ?

Is it possible or not ?

Thanks & Regards

Yes need to have license codes for opening the application in VAR layer. if you are not entering the Correct code then it will be opened in USR layer only.

from where i can get the license code, from MS ? or else.



I don’t think you will be provided with development license codes in Demo VPC. I have not worked with the demo VPC.

Any way search in the system for .txt files.

The development code will be send along with - General AX license.

I hope your company is a partner - if so Check with the concerned or administrator.


What is the name of that file? from where i can get VAR license code.

Hai Kranthi,

My company is Gold certified partner. i got only one txt file with that Ax 2009 Application .in that lot of codes are there.which one will be used?

Thanks & Regards

You will have a separate group like Development codes.

Any way its better you contact your administrator or person who deals with that or some one can send a mail to ms support requesting the latest license codes.


My query get solved , by using VAR development license code which i have downloaded from MS partner source.

please refer the path if some one required.

Using Administrators login, In MS VOICE PARTNERSOURCE on left hand side

“my corporate information” ->”developers tool”->”license key configuration”

Click on version number, in license details, you will get “VAR Development” code.



hai kranthi,

thanks For information

Make sure that, your server exists previous version.

  1. Remove all previous version

  2. find and delete all Microsoft Dynamics AX from profile users/ administrator users

That’s all.

Good luck
Kevin Chau-VN


Im getting the same error when I run the report. Any suggestions to solve this issue.