Error message "Physical updating quantity in the unit must be other than zero" at purchase order invoicing

Hello there,

I am not seeing the reason for this rror message “Physical updating quantity in the unit must be other than zero” at purchase order invoicing. I do have received quantity 14 that is not invoiced and I do not see zero on the line that I am invoicing. What could cause this error?

Please advise.

What is the parameter setting for quantity when you process the invoice?

Any matching issues?

Hi Adam,

Here is what I have for Invoice:

Credit note as correction = checked, Credit Invoicing = checked, Apply the credit invoicing layout to purchase invoice reports = checked. Check the invoice number used has value (Reject Duplicate), Settlement type for credit notes has value (None) and Tax exempt number requirement has value (None).

On the Invoice matching:

Use invoice matching for this company = checked, Post invoice match discrepancies has value (Allow with warning) and Display price match icon has value (If line prices are greater than or less than allowed tolerance).

Thanks for your help.

I meant the quantity parameter on invoice, is it packing slip, have you defined the packing slip, Then what is on hte packing slip, what is in the line details, are there any invoice matching issues. What are you actually trying to process? Basically the system is saying you are trying to invoice ZERO quantity - are you?

The quantity that I am trying to invoice is 14. Here is the break down- received 150, already invoiced 136 and invoice remainder 14 which is the qty I have yet to invoice. Please let me know if you have more questions. Thanks.

And on the invoice processing you are defining it by packing slip. You are then defining the actual packing slip number?

Yes, I am matching the packing slip for the line and qty I am invoicing.

So the quantity parameter is set to delivery note. You are defining it or the system is? Pressing the delivery note button what is in the update columns etc at the end?

On the purchase order inquiries how many invoices? For how many?

My guess is you have already invoiced it, correctly or not, so the system knows there is nothing to invoice, but you do not.

Thanks Adam for pointing out the possibility. However, on the PO line > Qantity Tab, I do see the qty of 14 as Invoice remainder. If the line was fully invoiced, I shouls not see the invoice remainder. So, there may be something I am not seeing.

I suggest you get a developer to de-bug it, it maybe modification related as well.

Thanks Adam.

Please update the post if you ever resolve it [:D]

Hello Adam,

I found out that my the PO had been accidently invoiced the all line except of one line with the correct qty. I am not trying to use the credit note to revese that particular invoice and getting another error - “Purchase line must be invoiced first”. What a mess.

Any Idea how to fix this? I will welcome anyones suggestion in this.

You said before that your packing note still had a quantity to be invoiced, because I asked if the parameter was set to all which would give you the 0 message. I would put a negative line on and reverse it out, but I feel this will not resolve you problem and may make it worse, you need someone to look at the state of those transactions, they sound corrupted in some manner - cannot invoice it because it is invoiced but cannot credit it because it is not invoiced!!

I’m not sure if this will help or even if you figured out a solution but I recently ran across a very similar issue. In the end it appears my error was caused by the fact that the Inventory had been closed for the period in which the Purchase Order was created. The “…other than zero” portion of the message has something to do with GL transactions for the PO during the closed period.

Thanks Thomas for your comment. We handled this by using invoice journal entry for the qty that the purchase order could not invoice. Definately, I will keep my eyes on it.