Error Message: G/L Account No '2910' does not exist

I was trying to post a invoice but appear this posting error message: ‘G/L Account No ‘2910’ does not exist’

In the lines I only have write two account: 4130901 and 4235121, but I don’t know where is the account 2910?

Someone know what is the problem?

Is there any G/L posting group attached with this account.??

Hi amol, which account you are reffering, 2910? because this account doesn’t exist…

I would turn on the debugger to see where it stops. Then you can figure out if it a setup issue with the item or customer, etc.

2910 is a balance sheet account in Cronus. My guess is that during setup you (or your partner) used Cronus data as the starting point and something got left over. It could be a balancing account in a journal for example or the applies to account in a Sales order.

Start by taking a look in table 232 Gen. Journal Batch and see if 2910 has been left over in the Balancing Account field. If not there, look in the posting set up tables, if not there look in the customer tables.

Hi I found the mistake, I have to go to Financial Management/ Payables / Setup/Payment Methods and the otpion Cash Payment was related with the balance account 2910, I think 2910 was the original balance account in navision but in my COA doesn’t exist this account, so I have to deletd this Account 2910, related to Cash Payment.

When I register the invoice, I select as Payment Method, the option of Cash Payment and this was related with the balance account No. 2910, for this reason give me a error message.

Deleted? or replaced with the correct, existing account number?