Error message appears twice when using a table-type form.


I have noticed that when I use a table-type form (one that has rows) and enter a row of data by arrowing up or down, that when I use the ERROR() or TESTFIELD() function in the associated table’s OnInsert trigger, the error dialog box appears twice.

It appears that the OnInsert trigger of the table is getting called twice, possibly due to the focus of the cursor after pressing the button from the first error message.

My version is 2.60.b (5.0 sp1)

Thanks for any feedback.

Hi Christopher,

Firstly, Welcome to Dynamics User Group.

This is not something that I have come across. A couple of suggestions:

  1. Use the DelayInsert property to allow the user to fill in all details

  2. Correct/default in values

  3. On form level put the user into the problem field

Hi Christopher,

It’s a bug. There is a discussion here

Thank you.

Oh, and by the way, I visited Moscow, and St. Petersburg a few years ago. Awesome experience.