error message " A requirement for credit balance is selected for account xxxx, but this is violated by voucher 1,026,070.00." while posting JV

Dear all,
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When I’m posting Jv its prompting the below message

Ø A requirement for credit balance is selected for account BLC20000, but this is violated by voucher 1,026,070.00.

Ø Posting has been canceled.

While checking the journal line ,it seems everything fine.

Could you please suggest me why its prompting the error msg.



You must have chosen the balance control as Credit for that main account, but the transaction you are trying to post is going to bring a debit balance into that account

Dear Kranthi ,

thanks for the feedback.

Balance control in COA is in Debit ,

In JV line posting also selected in debit

so its not the case as you mentioned in your earlier reply.

Could you please let me know is there any other cases that we face these type of errors.

Have you verified this for all the accounts that are going to be updated with this voucher posting?

yes sir,

i have verified for all the lines

The error is being originated from \Classes\LedgerVoucher\checkBalanceDemand

If you are a developer, try to debug (back trace) the issue

Thanks kranthi,

yeah, i figured out through debugger.

In one of the Ledger Account user assigned Debit/Credit proposal and while posting Voucher validating .

we changed the Debit/Credit proposal its working fine…