Error Loading License (Retail Headquarters)

Hi, i’m having an issue when i try to load the license file. The error shows the following message: “License code Retail HeadQuarters needs prerquisite Human Resource I”


I’m trying this in the server that runs the AOS instance i need to license. I’ve selected the Microsoft Dynamic AX installation instead Microsoft Dynamics Retail Essentials. The only component installed is the AOS.

Does anyone have an idea of what is the problem loading the license file? Did i need to install some other component? Do i have any component that isn’t supported by my license?


In license configuration you have the option to enable / disable configuration keys. Did you tried to enable “Human Resource I” first ?

I can’t ebabl/disable that component, it’s locked.


Did you try to enable “Personnel Actions” ?

I’ve tried again with Personnel Actions enabled, it asked me yo synchronize the tables, after this procces i tried to load the license but i get the same error. Do you have any idea if there is any component i need to add back in the installation process?

I have taken a quick look and Retail headquarters license code and it prerequisite the following license codes
Financials II
Trade and Logistics
Trade agreements

Are those enabled ?


You should also check your license

Yes, the 3 of them are enabled. I think is the license.