Error loading control error on Email Form

Hi All,

Over the last 2 weeks we are getting an issue that randomly occurs for users where they receive an Error loading control error when replying to emails. This error happens within the To and Cc fields. We have not customised the Email form (we still use the default) and it occurs in all Forms and Apps.


(1) Happens for all users
(2) Occurs in Chrome and Edge
(3) If you refresh the browser the error goes
(4) If you send the email although it displays the error it will still send to the recipient fine

Does anyone else have this issue or know of a resolution? We have logged this with MS Support but not really getting any resolution even though they said “we had similar reported concerns last week, after which same users shared with us the issue was not reproduced anymore”

This issue has miraculously fixed itself and seems to be an issue Microsoft are aware of if anyone else experiences it