error in starting Object Server

Dear all,

I had install dynamics ax in stand-alone mode. when i was starting the service i got an error "Windows could not start the dynamics AX object server…refer to service specific error code 100.

Anyone can help?

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This error is because your dynamics Ax dependency services is not on .So goto services and start dependency services like SQL server and RPC.

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Arun Garg

Both of them are already started…is there other reason? anyway,…I installed and stored all ax data in ext hard disk…is it okay?


Posman Krismanto


Refer to the event viewer in AOS server. There should be an entry which would explain reason behind this error. Usually these messages are self explanatory. But for some reason if it isn’t, please feel free to post the error message here.

the description said:

Object Server 01: SQL diagnostics: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified. Connect information was: Userid = [], Database = [AX09], Server = [F-D620], DSN = [], Other = []

i got the solution by re-installing the SQL server , dynamics ax application and the aos. It took times. is there any solution?


Posman Krismanto Sitinjak

check if your SQL Server have network


From the error message, it appears AOS was not installed correctly. Have you followed the steps outlined in AX 2009 installation guide? In particular refer to page 47 where it mentions how to connect to SQL server.

Also just to isolate no ODBC issue, try creating a ODBC connection from ODBC applet under Administrative tools in the server.

Hope this helps.