Error in RTC

iam getting error "USER ID AND PASSWORD IS INVALID"while opening the RTC in Live can u plzz suggest me wat will be the prob thanks in advance

check if your windows login is configured in the database… also check the logon credentials for the services…

if it doesn’t get i can take a session with you.

It means that either your user id or password is wrong, or not created correctly in NAV! Have you created the User using the classic client? You need to login into NAV with the super user and do this first. If you are the super user and you’re still getting this error, then you need to have one of the other super user do this for you.

PS: When asking a question you should always remember to write which version of NAV this is about. But I assume this is about NAV 2009?

That means you have not created the user or wrong. Create the user first and then try again.