Error in RFQ workflow

Hi guys,

I am getting the following error when I refresh my RFQ form which is having a customized workflow in it.

"Cannot perform Value Paging - Structure of Lookup table doesn’t match with the Query table structure."

Any suggestions. Thanks in advance.


Faisal Raja J

Can you get the call stack?

Hi Martin,

Yes I can get the call stack. It is triggering from executeQuery() method of PurchRFQCaseTable which we never used in our customized code.

[c] \Classes\Info\add 1

[c] \Classes\QueryRun\next

[c] \Classes\FormDataSource\executeQuery

[c] \Forms\PurchRFQCaseTable\Data Sources\PurchRFQCaseTable\Methods\executeQuery 13

[c] \Classes\FormDataSource\research

[c] \Classes\FormRun\task

[c] \Classes\SysSetupFormRun\task 20

Faisal Raja J

Hi Faisal,

I am also facing same issue. when you run RFQ Batch and after that your refreshing the RFQ form then you are getting this issue but still RFQ Batch is processing is not completed. why becoz undercurrent RFQ Batch job process is running the query is not get updated wait few seconds then check…for me its working…


HI Pandu,

Is this a proper solution ? Or any alternative solutions are there ?


Faisal Raja J

Hi Faisal,

It is coming from standard ax only.

if you do immediate refresh on RFQ form you will face this issue wait for some time and refresh the form you will not face this issue.

once the batch is executes successfully then you will not get this issue at all.

Let me know if you found any solution.

sry for delay…