Error in posting purchase order invoice in AX 2012

When user tries to post purchase order invoice, error occurs “Insufficient Inventory Transactions with Status Received”.

But when i check inventory transactions, there are sufficient transactions for those items.

Also, PO lines show correct Remaining Qty & Remaining Invent Qty.

So why does this error occur? And what other forms are there from where we can get more information about remaining item quantity for that PO.

Hi Krupa,

There are three or four interesting results on Lifecycle Services for the error you see. What version of AX does this relate to?

Have you got any ‘odd’ characters in the Product Receipt Number for any of the product receipts being invoiced by this invoice?

Dear Krupa,

are you using Unit conversation in ur environment, if yes then check for the line delivery reminder and cancel the delivery reminder.

this will solve your issue for cancelling the delivery reminder process u can contact me on skype also.


Check if Receiving Requirement check box is selected in Item Model Group form. When the Receiving requirements check box is selected, item receipts must be physically updated (Product Receipt) before they can be financially updated (PO Invoice). A product receipt must be entered and posted before the corresponding vendor invoice can be posted.

We are not using unit conversion, & receiving requirement check box is also not selected.

Product Receipt contains only numbers & no special characters or spaces.

The qty on PO line is 10, product receipt is made for 3.

On PO line, Invent remainder is 10. should it ideally be 10 or 3?

can this thing generate issue as in the screenshot below?

Can u send the screenshot of the PO form? If Product Receipt is done for 3, then Deliver Remainder shouldn’t be 10.

Check this link

How are you matching the invoice? To the product receipt? Are you using three way matching?

When you invoice it depending upon the parameter, what is in the lines tab?

What is the on order figure on the purchase line?

I assume you are invoicing from within the purchase order?

We are not matching it to any product receipt.

I’m taking ordered quantity to get all the remaining qty of all the items.

We changed the Invoice Remainder Qty of the purchase order line as it was wrong. Testing is in process after that.

Will update if we face the same error or a new one or if the invoice gets posted successfully.

So you are invoicing for all ordered but only received part?

I would ask how you changed the invoice remainder, because to me that is only going to cause you more issues. If it was wrong how was it wrong, look at the transactions “fixing” in this manner is short term at best unless you know what caused it.

Dear Krupa,

you have to make delivery reminder cancel or while product receipt you have to select close at end of the line.

contact me on skype will show you the same in ur system.

The issue is resolved. Apparently changing the Invoice Remainder to the correct number allowed to create the invoice.