Error in NAV 2013

Hi All,

I have one query right now my NAV 2013 my RTC version is working but my development environment is not working it showing me error while connecting to database, any idea how to resolve this error.

The Following ODBC error Occurred:

Error:[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found
and no default driver specified

State ID : IM002



Hi Shailesh,

Is this when you open the Development Environment or when you try to connect manually to a database via Files → Database → Open.

Hi Erik,

Yes when iam connecting manually to database via Files-> Database → Open then am getting this error.

What Operating System are you using?

Did you check system requirements for NAV2013 before installing?

My RTC version is working am getting error when open the development environment,

You didnt reply to my question.?

Using Windows 7 with 64 bit OS

This might still be the right direction. Please check this one out:

I don’t know if you managed to fix this, but I’ve tried the registry route suggested in the article as linked to by Erik, but it creates loads of not-funcrioning driver entries you do not want. It did lead me to comparing this 64-bit machine to another which worked. I then discovered the NAV Development Environment requires the SQL Native Client 10.0 ODBC driver. Somehow it either did not get installed, or was removed from the system.

Installing this from the prerequisites folder on the Dynamics NAV installation media should fix the problem.