error in getting sid

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While doing changes in tools → options and after i am saving i am getting “error in getting sid” and cant save the changes.

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Try replacing SID. There are many articles online on how to including this one -

Hi Kranthi,

I Have done the same thing.But Also it is showing same error.

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Normally restoring the database from one server to another server you may face this issue. Please follow below steps

  1. Open the command prompt and type “regedit” you will get the sid of your system
  2. Copy the SID.
  3. Open the SQL server and write following command to update current admin user:
    use {Axapta database}
    update USERINFO
    set SID = ‘{paste the SID here from step#2}’, NETWORKDOMAIN=’{Network domain}’, NETWORKALIAS=’{User Id}’ where ID=‘Admin’