Error in Excel Sheet creation from Navision

Dear all

I am geting one Error when i create Excel Sheet. The error is " An Exception was raised in method range.The OLE control of automation server has returned error(HRESULT)-2147352567.The component did not provide Exception description."

Whats the problem with it…??why its coming??how to solve this?

please help

very urgent

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Hi Rose,

You will need to give more details of what causes the error and what you are trying to do.

Hi, I am getting error from Table 370 Excel Buffer on function ‘CreateSheet(SheetName,ReportHeader,CompanyName,UserID2)’ and in the line

IF Formula = ‘’ THEN
XlWrkSht.Range(xlColID + xlRowID).Value := “Cell Value as Text”

Please help …How can i solve this???[:O]



Hi Rose,

It’s also important that we know what version you’re using as the early version really didn’t work that well.

Hi Erik, I am using Version 4.00 Sp3. Is this related to any invalid data? then how can i find it? please help Regards Rose

One possible (and most common) reason could be, that as “Custom Controls” there are registered a bazillion for MS Office – in this case for your interest are those regarding Excel .

Problems CAN start appearing, if you have concurently registered the same control for several Excel versions. Solving is even more problematic, because you can’t guess which version of Excel client has (and can have different on different workstations).

This is something like Winnie the Pooh said about bees - you can never know…

Theoretically, these concurrent different version controls SHOULDN`T cause problems, but I constantly get them - for example, export works on one workstation, but on another it starts returning weird messages as one mentioned here. Only difference - some had older versions of Excel, some newer. As licensing permitted, we upgraded all WS to one common Excel version, unregistered everything we could find to be dealt with Excel of other versions in “Custom Controls”… The result - now we get error messages more rarely, but now on ALL workstations [:D]

Please read, too - there is info about PivotTables, but pay attention to part about Excel instances: