Error in excel import

Hi All,

I have developed a form for importing data from excel sheet. It throwing the following error while import.

"Method ‘open’ in COM object of class ‘Workbooks’ returned error code 0x800A03EC () which means: Open method of Workbooks class failed"

Please suggest me a solution.

Thanks in advance.


Faisal Raja J

Hi Faisal,

Verify your Coding with the given link

Hi Saadullah,

Thanks for the reply. I have written the same kind of code in my object. My issue is not based on the coding. It is something related to excel file handling.

It throws the error saying that “Open method of Workbooks class failed”. I wants to know the reason for this issue.Any suggestions ?


Faisal Raja J


There are a number of reasons this error is returned from Microsoft Excel – the most common is when the user attempts to write data larger than Excel can handle. For example, if you try to write a string longer than 1024 characters to a cell in Excel.

another reason, your excel-table is xlsx.

you should try a smal test with 2 rows and 2 col.

Hi Andreas,

Thanks for the suggestion. Actually I tested with 5 rows only but the problem was the ‘RefRecID’ which doesn’t supported by the format of the cell. I already solved this issue by changing cell format.


Faisal Raja J