Error [Failed to establish connection]

Hi all ,

Whats the main reason behind this error…and whats the best way to deal with it.



Your above post doesn’t make any sense. When you post a request, please try to provide as much info as possible [:)] This will ensure you get accurate reply from other users.


Hi there,

Actually the error generally arises when the dynamics services in the AOS get stopped…which i was hoping that everybody might be knowing[:)]

So thats the thing i am really upto…i want to know the reason why it gets automatically stop and the way to deal with it. I hope this has helped you.


Make sure that

1.Port for AOS=2712


  1. Dynamics Configuration file has default database name=AXDB.Check out that Database name in your configuration file matches with the Database you created for Dynamics AX.You can open Configuration file in notepad and change name of database there.

If these doen’t help you, send me email from;

Sandeep Thakur

Dynamics Consultant