Error executing code:treenode object not initialized


when i run the Tutorial_WorkflowProcessor form am getting this error "Error executing code:treenode object not initialized" AX 2009


I think it is unable to get the outcomes related to that work flow approval.
Did you see the outcomes under Workflow → Approvals (AOT node)?

Yes kranthi i can see the outcomes under workflow -->Approvals

Is there any Other solution for this error please suggest me



you can start debugging from getOutcomes method.

Thanks for your reply. I will check from my side and will get back to you

Hi kranthi

When i try to debug the code at line number 10 i am getting this error please suggest me

It does mean that it is not a valid path or you don’t have the outcomes defined.
Can you post a screen shot of the outcomes?

Ok sure here is my workflow approval outcomes


What does this.path() returns?

returns the Workfflow>>Approvals>>PurchOrderApproval>>Outcomes.

It’s working fine, thank you so much for supporting me