Error executing code: SLAIFTimesheetImport (object) has no valid runable code in method 'importAndParseAttendanceFromUtility'. (C)\Classes\SLAIFTimesheetImport\importAndParseAttendanceFromUtility (C)\Forms\SLPRLAttendanceImportScreen\Designs\

I am trying to import excel file but it is giving me this error


following are the code of relevant class with its compilation error

public void importAndParseAttendanceFromUtility()

    int                     rowsAffected = 0;
    Filename                fName;
    SLTimeImportTable       slTimeImportTable;
    // below line giving following error "Variable ImportUtilityZKK.Import has not been declared"
    ImportUtilityZKK.Import   importObj;

    importObj = new ImportUtilityZKK.Import();

    fileName = importObj.ReadImportConfig(curext(), sessionId(), curUserId());

    if (fileName != "")
        delete_from slTimeImportTable
            where slTimeImportTable.UserId == curUserId()
            ||   slTimeImportTable.SessionId == sessionId();

        importObj.ParseAttendanceFile() ;

        info("Failed to import records!");

he answer is the same as in your previous thread about the same error, which we discussed just a short while ago. Compile the code and fix compilations errors (if any).

If it’s newly written code, you’re forgetting compilation. If you’re not developing anything, then the environment hasn’t been set up correctly. You should review your deployment procedures.

By the way, could you please use shorter thread titles? Details such as the stack trace belong to the thread body, not to the title.

We’re now discussing the problem in a duplicate thread in another forum.