Error executing code: CustOutPaym object not initialized

Hi ,

When I tried to open wizard report in AX 2009 I am getting below error.


Error executing code: CustOutPaym object not initialized.

(C)\Reports\BankPaymAdviceCust\Methods\init - line 17"

Interestingly there is no method called “getOutPaymRecords” in CustOutPaym class.

Please suggest any idea


What do you mean by wizard report? Is it Report wizard?
How you are opening it?

method getOutPaymRecords is there in custVendOutPaym class, custOutPaym extending custVendOutPaym class.
here error is saying that in int method of BankPaymAdviceCust class , there is no declaration of custOutPaym , can you please try to declare ?

if it is declared already try to
compile custVendOutPaym and custOutPaym
coimpile forward custOutPaym