Error: Doc management dictionary does not exist


In AX 2012 I am trying to attach or upload file, then i am facing an error i.e.

"Document management dictionary does not exist"

Please help me



Organization administration>Setup>document management> Document management parameters, specify the default archive directory…

Organization administration>Setup>document management>document types, select the specific document type and specify the archive directory.

Thanks santosh…

You can verify the solution if it did work for you, so that users will skip it off.

It is working…

Dear Santosh,

I am also getting the issue while changing the Product image and did the same exercise, but no use…!! And my archive directory is already selected but still m getting the same issue. Kindly advise.


Thank you Santosh, very helpful.

Document Management Parameters: Select an Archive Directory path

Document types: click create new, for example Image and select also Image as the “Group” on the right hand of the form.

You’ll find the forms here: Organization administration/Area page > Setup > document management

After that i was able to attach an item under Product information management/Common/Released products > “Product tab” - Product Image

maybe also helpful for others