Error Dimension Value for XXXXX is missing

Hi all,

we use NAV 5.0 and i have another problem if i will post the receive in a Porchase Order. For sone PO´s all with the same item i get the following error:

"Dimension Value for XXXXX is missing"

but the missing xxxx is in the order and item dimensions and everything looks normal. Can someone help to find out the reason and way to fix it???


regards / groetjes


Hi Nardoo,

I would recommend that you try to turn on the debugger and find out exactly where you’re getting the error.

Hi Eric,

thanks for you help. This is my first time i use the debugger and hope that you mean this discripten.

Codeunit 408 DimensionManagement\CheckDimValue(DimCode,DimValCode)

Codeunit 408 DimensionManagement\CheckDim(DimCode)



may be the header dimensions have problem…like dimension for vendor / global dimension, etc

I would guess you re posting to a General Ledger Account with a Mandatory dimension, which is missing. Try to check the settings for the ledger accounts you are posting to. You can also delete the lines and resubmit those lines.

Best regards


Can you check the dimension value table to make sure this dimension was not deleted by accident

And some times users do not metion the dimensions because it was not made mandatory for Interim accounts but was made mandatory for Direct unit cost, or the accounts which are being posted at the time of invoicing. I would suggest to see this as well.