Error "..., because it is locked by 'Status Bar'

I often get this message when I select record, e.g, get receipt line when creating invoice. The full message is "‘Get Receipt Lines’ cannot be closed, because it is locked by ‘Status Bar’. Please finish ‘Status Bar’ before closing. I suspect that the reason is there are too many data in receipt line table. Am I right? But I cannot delete data. How to solve it?

Hi, Can you see in task manager, how many Fin.exe are running? Once I get this message and I found two Fin.exe was running. After deleting the instance from Task Manager problem was sorted out.

Hi, Rajesh, Actually, this message won’t affect the procedure. Even I got this message, but the record selection is done. And it looks like everything works fine at the back end. But the point is this is not a friendly message to user. :frowning: Thanks.