Error after Navision Financials 2.00.C Install

Hi Community I hope somebody can help me, because this is very urgent to me… I installed the above mentioned Version of Navision Financials (2.00.C) on a new Windows XP Pro SP2 Machine. The install worked fine and I added the IP of the Navision Server to the local hosts file. But when I try to start Navision Financials and try to connect to the Server, it gives me an error message similar to “The Network is not working fine. A “Paket” was sent to a wrong address.”. Does anybody know what is wrong? The Network is working just fine! Do I need to adjust something? Or is this version of Navi not working with WinXP? Best regards an thanks in advance, Doela

Can you connect from any other machine to that server with a FIN client ?

Hi, One thing you could try… In the Navision client go to Tools → Options → Net Type and make sure that this is tcp not netb… Also, it would be a good idea to see if you can “ping” the Navision sever to make sure that it is not a problem with the PC. I would however look into upgrading your version of Navision (Or at least the executables) as 2.00 came out in 1998 and is not supported on XP.