Error: A Value in the filter "PDC-xx-xx-01234" in the Delivery Challan No. field in the Posted Excise Liability Line table is too long for the field type. Type: Code10

Hi all,

We have NAV 2009R2 with Indian localisation. While trying to receive an item from Subcontract using Subcontract Purchase Order we get the below error,

“Error: A Value in the filter “XXX-xx-xx-01234” in the “Delivery Challan No.” field in the Posted Excise Liability Line table is too long for the field type. Type: Code10”

The Excise Prod. Posting Group is available for the BOM component of the Production Order and the Excise Posting Setup configured as 0% or with no value.

It is clearly understood that the Delivery Challan No. field length in the “Delivery Challan Header” table (id 16323) and “Delivery Challan Line” (id 16324) is Code20. Where as the field length of “Deliver Challan No.” field is Code10 in “Posted Excise Liability Line” table (id 13733), which is smaller.

Is it safe to update the field length in the “Posted Excise Liability Line” to Code20? If so is there any section or technical documentation available to see if Microsoft has fixed these issue using patches or is there any separate section in this forum.

Experts & seniors kindly share your suggestions and solutions.

Hi Praveen,

There is limitation in the length of document number, please reduced the length of the said document number and system will allow you to post.




Hi Prakash,

Thanks for the quick reply.

In-fact we too had a thought about it, but unfortunately the length of document cannot be reduced because we have finalized the “No. Series” and have already posted many entries (we thousands of entries posted).

We have issue only with the Items with Excise Prod. Posting Group set in the Item card.

And more over we would require the Excise Prod. Posting Group configured for the Sales, so this too cannot be removed from the Item card.

Its really strange to see why the tables are with different field lengths.


Can you please call me on skype or phone, need to know more detail about the case,



skype: prakashveer.sharma

If I remember correctly this was a bug in Indian Localization and it has been corrected in hot fixes released by MS.

You can search on Partnersource/Customersource for HF.

Is your database updated with all the HF ???

Hi Amol,

Thanks for the support and prompt reply. I remember we had an update of objects as patches last year, I will check with my support team. Is there some where I can find in NAV if the objects are up-to-date, or any tips to see that status.

We have increased the field size from 10 to 20 and fix the bug.

Amol, the India localisation updated version seems to be