Error 4 in module 42

I get this errormessage, while trying to export a customized table 36 to a textfile. I can export it to a fob-file, I can modify it, I can run it, but if I try to export it to a textfile I see the progress window run to 100% and then it displays the error message. I know error 4 in module 42 means destination format to small, but since I have 3 GB free space on my harddisk I don’t think that that’s the problem. I’m using NF 2.60 NL on a NT-server. Any help appreciated. Dennis van Es QwinSoft bv the Netherlands Dennis van Es QwinSoft bv The Netherlands

I think I remember that this happened to me, when I had either: 1)A code line that was just the allowed length OR 2)A really long option field with a lot of options Try to wrap your long lines and shorten the option fields. Joerg R Feldhofen KUMATRONIK Business Solutions, Inc. Houston, TX

Thanks Joerg, I had to look really hard but I found a local variable type option with a really long optionstring, shortened it and the problem was solved Dennis van Es QwinSoft bv The Netherlands