Error 3 in module 244

Moin: OS: Windows NT 4.0 Navision: Version 3.60 DE (3.60) Sporadically I find this entry in our servers error log (application): Event Type: Warning Event Source: NAVISION Event Category: None Event ID: 109 Date: 07.08.2003 Time: 18:07:05 User: N/A Computer: SERVER Description: Error 3 in module 244. e:\Samos\11353\Source\Ide\server\SERVER.C(377) I asked our NSC on this and they said it is probably a forgotten debug flag in NAVISION’s program code. Is there anybody who knows more about this? Regards Alarich (from tropic northern Germany [8D])

This is not a left-over debug assert. It is an error receiving a TCP packet, when communicating feedback from a server dialog. The server dialog is used when the server is busy with a command for more than about 2 seconds. The client provides messages/dialogs to the user to indicate that the server is busy when the server dialog is initiated. In this case it is probably non-critical to the functioning of your server - but it does indicate a TCP problem.