"Error 1067 : the process terminated unexpectedly" in Ax 2009 server


we need some urgent help from your side to resolve our issues.

after installed some 3rd party software (LS Retail), we restarted the server.

The main Ax dynamics services not started automatically and when we tried, it gives the below error. please note that, the user have full permission who is running the services and application.

“Error 1067 Process Terminated unexpectedly”

when we tried to install windows installer then also its gives another error as below

“Not enough storage to run the process”

because of the above issues, the Ax 2009 application is not running and giving below error message immediate if we open the application

“Connection with the application object server could not be established”

our OS version is windows 2008 and SQL server 2008

thanks & Regards,

Roshan & Ala

Hi Ala,

On the AOS service, did you try entering user credentials of service account again and start service?

Regarding the message ‘Not enough storage … process’, I have noticed that error message in previous versions of Windows. But not in Windows 2008 series. In any case please refer to this KB article - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/225782


Dear Roshan & Ala,

If your service is not strated then you cant open a AX client.

For that see the following instructions.

If your domain account password was changed or not.

So set the properties of AX service as desribe below.

  1. Right Click on your service and select properties window.

  2. Go to the Logon Tab

  3. Select This account on LogOn Tab

  4. Enter your account in DomainName\Account

  5. Then enter your Password and confirm password of account.

  6. Now start the Dynamics AX service.


Janak Talekar

Thank you guys for your replies,

we check this and still the service is not working, even now when we press “start” on the service its status become “starting” but its not become “started” even when we left it for 12 hours the status still “starting”.

is their other security configuration i need to chack?



had you give the permission to the AOS service account in Database or not ?

Give the rights to user as follows

  1. Assign the user to the

db_ddladmin, db_datareader, and db_datawriter database roles. 

2)Grant the user execute rights on the createserversessions and createusersessions

stored procedures.

Otherwise see the Application Event Viewer in Computer management.


Janak Talekar

Gentlemen , we are very sure (90%) its virus attack.

its now effecting on whole windows not only on AX. [:(]

thank you for your great help,


did you have chance to solve this problem. I am facing the same issue now