Erreur impression report

Je rencontre des pbs d’impression de report sur n pages don la dérnière est inutile, cad vide avec seulement le pied de page, Quelqu’un peux me dire d’où ça peut venir, Merci pour vos suggestions Urgent.

il faut verifier tes footer ou transfooter, meme si tu ne les imprime pas, la place est quand meme bloquée. Cela peut aussi etre du a 2 sections avec un placeinbottom.

Dans certain cas, il peut être nécessaire de créer un item de type ENTIER (1 itération) dans le report pour gérer le haut et le bas de page. Exemple : Report Client ============= Niveau 0: client Niveau 1: Adresse (lié à Client) A modifier comme suit : ======================= Niveau 0: Client Niveau 1: Entier (1 itération) Niveau 2: Adresse (lié à client) A ce moment là tu gères tes en-tête et pied Client dans les En-tête et pied de l’entier. J’ai pu résoudre comme ça pas mal de problème.

Une solution serait de ne pas afficher la section si aucune information, mais le showoutput ne fonctionne pas! comment peut on libérer cette zone d’affichage à blanc, le système réserve de la place aux variables même vide Merci de votre aide. Urgent. Zhiroo.

Zara : As tu finalement résolu ton problème ?


  1. THIS TOPIC IS NOT RELATED TO THE FRENCH LOCALIZATIONS OF NAVISION. IT SHOULD BE ON THE GENERAL DEVELOPING FORUM. 2) It doesn’t need using the integer section. If your problem is the last page, probably you’re using newpageperrecord having the printonlyifdetail property on. Just change the newpageperrecord to newpagepergroup and group by the primary key. Regards,

Hello Alfonso, Some French users of this Forum might not be able to write or read English. I personaly believe we should allow them to post general purpose questions in French.

Tarek, you’re the moderator on this forum, so you’re the one who has the last word on that, but i don’t agree with you, sorry. 1) If we allow people using the local version forums because there might be users that cannot write or read properly english we’re then removing all the sense on having local version based forums. In the same way if we agree that it’s admisible on the french forum we should them allow users in other forums (german,india…) using their local version forums in their language instead of having them using them for local version specific matters. That way, we can just remove the general forum and make a forum for each language we consider we’re having users for. I would probably prefer just writting on Spanish, but i’m doing it on English. 2) Language has never been a problem when writting in the general forums. Previously we’ve had a lot of posts of people who was unable to properly describe their problem in english and were posting in their local language and tried to translate it to english when posting their problems, and people was answering them with no problem at all with the language (inclusively answering in their own language), so that seems not a good reason to me for allowing posting general matters in a local version forum. 3) I cannot imagine someone posting about development matters supposely developing on Navision and not being able of reading english with a minimum level… specially when all the developer manuals and help is made in English, and in the new versions, all the record names are also in english, so how can they be developing something and not being ables of reading english… in fact…how they know what’s the meaning of submit reply, preview reply or reset form without a minimum english knowledge??? What you’re saying sounds to me like “let’s let people post their job offers/searchs on the developers forum because they don’t know how to post it in proper english”… Regards,