ERP NAV Partner

How to become a Dynamics NAV partner with Microsoft ?

refer here -…/microsoft-dynamics

Dear many thanks but i didn’t found anything in the link can you give more details

It’s there. But try this link instead:

Dear All,

Thanks for all, please i need how to become a Microsoft partner, i need to know exactly the rules and the steps,
please send for me a pdf or word file explain the process to my mail : <>


Hi Rami,
Please don’t share your email in the forums! It will go directly into a “spam bucket”…

You find all the rules and steps in the link above. No PDF/Word document exits. Except for the actual “sign-up” forms that needs to be signed and snail-mailed to Microsoft. Click the “Join Today” to get to the actual sign-up.


you could start with these postings, not new, but also helpful.…/mpn-what-you-need-to-know-if-youre-a-dynamics-partner.aspx…/