Equipment Rental/Hire

Has anybody any experience of doing equipment rental/hire with Navision? Cannot decide whether to use items or resources. Items have the advantage of good availability inquiries & hard reservations but you have to keep booking the stock back in and you would not be able to reserve the same item more than once (i.e. once this month, once next month). Resources don’t have any stock problems but there are no reservations and the availability overview isn’t great. Any suggestions or advice would be welcomed on this subject. Cheers, John

Hi John, if you can use Navision Attain, loaner is comming with the Service Module. If not, I would suggest a total new Module for that (2-3 new Tables) and some modifications in serveral other tables, but with a good concept not much complicated. Do you need it as a module for one customer ore more often? Regards Walter

If you are interested in a complete and proven add-on package for the rental industry, contact RMI in the US. Web address is Their product is part of Navision’s Add-On program. Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner

Does anybody know of a similar solution for Axapta? Regards Phil Dawson

Available for InfoStore from Strengur (NSC from Iceland) are several different Shadow Systemes (modules) for example a rental system. It handles equipment rental/hire from the point of sale (POS). More information at: Regards, P. Borg