EPOS Integration

Has anyone linked Navision into an EPOS solution? If so which EPOS system do you link to and where did you source the integration from (assuming you haven’t done it yourselves!) Thank you Steve

What is EPOS ?? Thanks Edited by - joseph_mathew on 2001 Mar 19 12:20:27

Joseph EPOS stands for Electronic Point of Sale. It is generally the system used in large retail outlets where goods are scanned in using barcodes to produce totals, receipts, etc. and, if clever enough, do online referrals for credit card transactions. Apologies for being so vague. Steve

We are a NSC in Austria and have the following interfaces in our portfolio: - HBGPos (TecPOS) - APOS - ProCash - ProCash Retail Also we have an POS within Navision called NaviPOS. BR, Martin