EP Error: "The request failed with HTTP status 403:Forbidden "

Hi All,

When I am trying to deploy any Web Managed Content or any new object from AX, I am getting the following error.

"The request failed with HTTP status 403:Forbidden ".

Environmental details:Ax - 2012 R3

If any one have any idea regarding this then please let me know.Thanks in Advance.


Arun Garg

Hi Arun,

HTTP 403 Forbidden error indicates permission problem .see whether current user has rights to deploy elements.

Hi Vinoth,

Thanks for your reply but how can we set deployment permission on current user and what permission I need to set??


Arun Garg

Hi Arun,

Try to deploy the content from admin account .or make current user account as local admin in the system where SharePoint is installed

Hello Arun,

any solutions on this one?