EP AXForm insert issue?


i created one web page in EP Ax 2009

I have two tables, one table have data(20 rows), i need to insert continueously the out put data in to another table. but that first table remain same. it should not affect

Hope you understand the requirement. company conduct survey to employee like 20 to 25 question’(constant), that question will be same. all the employee should answer(that wil insert in another table). is this possible to achieve in EP.

I already created and display question in one axform through dataset. now my question is how to insert output in another table.

am new to EP. just past week only started to work. please reply


Any suggestion pls… am looking for the solution.

Thanks in advance


Pls provide some useful link to solve this? first, is it possible to achieve this?

Yes it is possible,

create a relation between these tables, based on some id.

thn create one dataset using these 2 tables and giv the req join source.

create one web control using the above dataset and try.

Hi Arun,

Already i did what you said, and display the record through grid in EP now.

My quest is in save(click event), I need to pass the grid record into data set(data method) and insert in to another table.

I know the click event calling dataset(datamethod), but now i need to know how to pass the grid(AXdatasource) value into data method and insert into another table

Thanks for your reply. if knows pls reply ASAP

hi jaf,

no need to write any code.

u need to set the webpart and VS from as provider or consumer as per ur requirement.

Thanks for your reply arun. That problem solved through calling dataset(datamethod) in button click event and passing parameters and inserted in new table.

Now issue here , I create label to design for EP web page in visual studio, In label if i write text in Arabic it dispaly arabic in .net design page but in EP it display like “???” . Not support Arabic Language.

How to display arabic language in EP also. if know pls reply ASAP

Thanks in advance