Enterprise Portal - SQL Connection - timeout sett.

We have SQL2000 SP3a running on a Win2003 server. Also we have a Webserver with Win2000 running in a DMZ (so not in the same domain as the SQL Server). Everything seems to work fine, but I do see a lot of connections from the Webserver (Enterprise Portal) in SQL (Current Activity). In the settings of the axapta configurationfile under connection I have specified 3600 seconds for the idle timeout. So after doing nothing for 1 hour on the EP, the connection should be closed in SQL. After hitting a menu on the EP, the connection should be established again. This all works fine, but still a lot of connection stay open in SQL. I’m almost certain that this is the result of closing the website (EP) on the client and that the connection isn’t closed then. Today I have seen this again. A lot of connection from 17-1-2005 and where the last batch time is also from 17-1-2005. Just a few hours ago the connections where gone. Only connections made today are standing open now. Ofcourse this is great !!! BUT : why are all those connections closed now. We didn’t shutdown the EP (or the business connector) and for as far as I know we didn’t do anything else what could be the reason. Has anybody experienced this behaviour ? All help is appreciated !! [;)] Greeting, Jurgen van Zeeland jurgen@sba.nl

Hi Jurgen, have you solved this? Because current implementation of HTTP protocol is stateless, Web server can’t be certain when client (browser) has closed connection, so that is the probable reason for delay. But maybe ABC (Axapta Business Connector) is making additional queries against DB? MS SQL connection pooling works excellent, so if you have solved this, I am really interested in what was the problem.