Enterprise Portal Offline Mode??

Hi, I want to run the enterprise portal in offline mode on my Pocket PC for my sales rep. Is there any solution within Axapta framework which allows me to do so? i.e. automatically detecting network and sycnhronizing when available. I gone through some materials on www which says that we have to install .net compact framework (for developing app) and SQL CE for synchronizing data. This means, i will have to develop altogether a new web app in .Net which will invoke Axapta COM objects Any reply would be appreciated. Thanks.

Just quessing Why offline? Portal client runs on web browser and HTTP protocol works quite well on mobile networks with high latency. Use high speed GSM, UMTS or any other available connection br,

In some areas here in Thailand, we dont have access point so there’s a requirement for taking orders offline and then later sync with Axapta as soon as network availability is there…