Enterprise Portal in AX2012 R2

Hi Friends,

I installed AX2012 R2 and Enterprise portal.Application working fine but EP is working very slow.

when i browse the EP site it nearly takes 5 min time for loading page.How can i improve EP site speed. what is the minimum bandwidth to access EP site?


You can’t fix it unless you know what is slow. Is the problem in a database query? X++ code? In SharePoint? In a network connection between components?

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the reply.

If i open any form in ax it is opening quickly.but if i open same form in the EP site it is taking around 5 min.

so how can i know what is the problem?

my internet speed is 1MBPS is this sufficient for accessing EP?

There are many tools you can use - Windows Performance Monitor, SQL Server Profiler, management views and so on.

Whether some resource is sufficient depends on what it have to handle: number of concurrent users, amount of data transferred etc.