Enterprise portal error in ax 2009

Hi Everyone,

I installed Ax 2009 Role centers and Enterprise portal successfully, after installing of ep when i goto opened the ep site in ax 2009 → Administration → setup ->Internet → Enterprise → websites ,when i opened the site i got an error in following below

Can anyone help on this problem

Thanks advance

On which port does your AOS run ?

Also Check the Business Connector proxy account in System Service Accounts in AX.

Hi Lalit,

Thanks for reply, i am running AOS on 2712 and businessconnectorproxy account also working fine


Refer the event log message and paste it here for more clarity on the error.

Hi Kiran,

I fond the error in Event viewer ,License Activation Scheduler (sppuinotify.dll) was not able to automatically activate. Error code:


Could be issue with Sharepoint. Can you run the Sharepoint Product Configuration Wizard and make sure that all tasks are successful without any issue. Also make sure that your sharepoint site is running without any issue.


Please check into log viewer and try to found out cause of the error and paste that here to clarify.

Without error type no one can ableto suggest resolution of your error.

Probable cause of error are:

  1. user may not have permission

  2. Website is running with same port on which another website is running

  3. You have deployed site before Ax compile success

  4. Sql service poor performance.

  5. Cannot able to connect to sql

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