Endless loop when renaming records

Hi. I have a problem with renaming anything in the database. It may be a vendor or the whole company. I just loop and loop and loop… It never ends. I see the same table names over and over again. 3.70B on SQL2000 Any ideas? /Lars

Hmm - Iiiiiiinteresting - This is just like I saw it on 3.6 - It told you it was it a loop in the status bar, and it then eventually finished. When ‘upgraded’ to the 3.7A client, that went away, and renaming is 71253936 times faster. Maybe they based 3.7B on 3.6 and not 3.7A [:O)] Do you have any code on the OnRename Trigger on your table? Or is the value part of the primary key, on an other table, which have a OnRename trigger? That’s what I would look for


I had the same problem, so I added a filter to the records that are going to be renamed that excluded the nameing of the renamed records. -john