End a Production order with No feedback quantity reported on previous operations


I want to know how I can setup MES system and Production control to be able to end a production order if we have 2 operations/jobs that will not have quantity feedback reported.


You cannot report 0. The cost mechanism means it has to be apportioned to something, so you either report 1 and write it off or you back set the status of production and manually write of the components that cannot be reused. Gives you an issue if you use MES for T&A though.

Hi Adam,

Thanks for your reply. What do you mean by " Gives you an issue if you use MES for T&A though" ? In my case I did all standard steps that should be done so i dont know why I have that message. Thanks

Another point Adam: What is the proper way to get rid off " raw registrations transactions" instead of going into the table " jmgstampjournaltans" which is the history registration table.

Well if you work on an order and are using MES to record time and the only way is to back out and reset the order you have to undo the time bookings, which make it look like people have not worked.

Leave the raw registrations would be my advice, it is what actually happened, and is like asking how to delete posted invoices - really not a good idea.

I agree but with that message I still cant END the production order. So what to do to end it? and here i did put feedback quantities on all jobs

You would need to post screen shots of the message, journals and End parameters. I would guess you have multiple postings conflicting or are trying to backflush non-ended jobs. Really difficult to comment with so little knowledge of the situation I am afraid.

Hi Adam,

I am coming back on this to explain in more details. In fact , what we need is the way to be bale to end a work order where we have 2 Non Reporting operations meaning we do not have to do a quantity feedback on those but we still need to have worker time on those.

Also we are scheduling those operations and efficiency is calculated so we need to know how much time worker has spent on those operations. ?? Any idea? I know that in other system we have the concept of “Send Ahead quantity” so that as soon as the worker is working on a reporting operation, the system will never ask for the previous operation to be end.


You would have to explain the requirement.

Basically if you report 0 you report 0 as far as AX is concerned which is going to give you the issues you are encountering.

Yes but in my case i don’t need to report “o” as it is not a reporting operation In this case, it is a “packing operation” which do not require quantity feedback only time as we need to evaluate workers efficiency. So if the "packing operation " is the second operation , i should be able to complete that operation ( so time will be counted) without entering quantities. Exact same thing that i can do on the MES form when reporting a "setup type of job. In that case, I do a report feedback ( with no quantity at all) to complete the job which is good as the system register time it took me to complete that job. I hope it is more clear. Thanks

So why not record it as a setup operation to record the time. Not sure why if you reported the quantity that would be an issue and it would help you do what you want which seems the easiest solution to your issue. Understand the limitations and model the process to how AX wants you to work, or customize it would be my advice.

I did try to setup those operations but it does not work. The system does not listed those as Jobs so that I can have them in MES . It seems that I have to have at list process type task which I dont want. My setup was this:

  1. New Route Group Setup to attached to non reporting operations ( 40 & 60)

General Tab/ Report as finished = yes

Setup tab/ Activation/job management/working time/capacity = checked for setup Route/Job type

  1. I rescheduled the production order to have all jobs list but i do not have operation 40 and operation 60 listed. I only have op 10;

op 20; op 30; op 70 that are all Reporting operations. with attached another Route group which has setup and process route/job type with activation; job management; working time; capacity checked.

So I am wondering if there is something wrong in this configuration?

All you need to do is select “Accept error” in the Report as Finished process then the last step of Ending your Production order will go smoothly.

(The “Accept error” check box tells the system to ignore Feedback)


Hi Michel,

I know that. We used to have that type of setup in the system but it comes with many downsides so now we avoid to have it set to YES.

As me may feedback quantities with more than planned, we need to have the tolerances work in Job registration screen which is not the case also. I am still trying to find a way to make it work.