Enable Hyperlinks on Report Extensions

I need to use Hyper links on the “Standard Sales - Order Conf.” (ID: 1305)

I have have added a report extension of “Standard Sales - Order Conf.” (ID: 1305), but there is no property to EnableHyperLinks.


How can I enable hyperlinks on report extensions?

I was able to copy the “Standard Sales - Order Conf.” (ID: 1305) report as a new report and the Enable the Hyperlink, but this route feels like reinventing the wheel.


Thank you in advance

Through Report Extension you cannot change any properties of a report.

I got a reply from another group.
You can’t change the report properties through report extension but you can change the properties of a field in a table.
Setting the properties ExtendedDatatype = URL; on a field in a table allows you to use hyperlinks in reports, without the EnableHyperlinks= True in the report.

Microsoft did not allow to change standard report,pages and tables properties