Enable disable button problem in AX2009

I’m new to AX2009, and I have a small task in which we want a form button
enabled or disabled depending upon a user’s security.

I created a user group called BTN_BomPrd, and put some code in the ProdTable(enableButtons)
form method which checks to see if the user has that security, and then enables or disables
the BOM button based on if the BTN_BomPrd entry is found in UserGroupList.

This works perfectly for me. If I give myself BTN_BomPrd, I get the button .If I take it
away from myself, it’s gone,

The problem is with others. The button (buttonBOM) will disappear, but then will not come back
even when in debug/breakpoint I can see the code executing fine. I can give them security or
take it away, but the button remains invisible.

Is there some form refresh technique I’m missing? Code below.


void enableButtons()
UserGrouplist UserGroupList;

select firstOnly UserGroupList
where UserGroupList.userId == curuserid()
&& UserGroupList.groupId == ‘BTN_BomPrd’;

if (UserGroupList.RecId != 0)
buttonBOM.enabled(prodTable.ItemId && prodTable.bomId ? true : false);

buttonRoute.enabled(prodTable.ItemId && prodTable.RouteId ? true : false);


Why not just not give the user group access to “BOM”, ProdBOM under Production > Miscellaneous in Security?

User error, I put the security key in properties, not needed.